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The Development

In the "Institute of Orthonyxie" which was founded in 1979 in Erlangen by the chiropodist Elvira Osthold, the aim was to develop a method of treating badly ingrown nails that could be used as an alternative to surgery, and also achieve healing without recurrence.
Neither time nor expense was spared during the years of research work to produce the results you can see here today: a non-operative and virtually pain-free  treatment which was given the name of  "Virtuoso Human Orthonyxie" (abbreviated to VHO).










The beginning of an idea based on the ZFD training brace(Fraser).

Establishment of the institute of "Orthonyxie" (IFO) in Erlangen.
The development of the Duplex brace (similar to Fraser but with 2 omegas).
Development of the two-piece "Levapart brace", whereby the use of tools to hold and apply the brace was soon dropped.

Development of the "Variopart brace".

Further development, whereby a two-piece brace was connected by means of perforated plates.
Experiments with new connecting techniques e.g. eightfold eyelet.

Introduction of the  "Original VHO-Osthold brace".
This was a piece of steel wire which had to be bent to a brace by the therapist and then fixed by means of a wire loop. This model is still on the market  under the name of "3TO".

A scientific study and a thesis (by Dr.Harrer) at the university of Erlangen.

In cooperation with "Mecotrade AG" (Kriens, Switzerland) Ms. Osthold succeeds in perfecting the brace.
It is finally produced by machine and comes on to the market as the “VHO-Osthold Brace® Perfect” -  a ready-made brace system in different sizes and strengths with matching loops.