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Pain level in the two treatment methods

A total of 41 patients were included in the study; 21 patients were treated with the VHO-Osthold brace® by an orthonyxie therapist in her practice and 20 patients had an Emmert plasty. The average age in the brace group was 28 years and in the surgical group 34 years. The age distribution was comparable in both groups.
Before beginning treatment, patients were asked to rate their pain level on a scale of 0 to 100. In the brace group the level was 19 at rest and 42 during walking. In the OP group it was 17 at rest and 55 when walking. Both patient groups were thus comparable
A week after commencement of both treatment methods, the pain levels were again assessed by both groups using an identical scale. The pain level was rated at an average of 10 by the brace group, whereas the surgical group had a significantly higher average rating of 50.