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I was about 13 years old when I went to my G.P. with severe pain from an ingrowing toenail.

 He immediately sent me to a surgeon who, after taking a short look, immediately gave me an appointment for an operation.
During the operation the ingrown segment of the toenail was cut out and a piece of wire with small antibiotic pellets was placed in the wound - to promote healing, according to the surgeon. I had a lot of pain after the operation and was unable to wear normal shoes. If I went out at all for a time after this, it was only possible with a thick bandage and open sandals.
The wound healed, however, and I was in fact pain-free. This condition lasted for about a year, then it began again with the toe next to the big toe, where the nail dug its way into the tissue and inflammation occurred. The whole procedure was repeated and I had another operation. There I was again with a thick bandage and almost unbearable pain. I was ashamed to show my feet bare, so I wore socks even in summer. For many years after this I would cut the nail out myself in order to avoid another operation. Until the pain became unbearable and by that time two toes on each foot were inflamed.
In fear of another operation, I went back to my G.P. and he sent me to a dermatologist. Contrary to what I was expecting, the dermatologist recommended the use of an "Osthold brace". Sceptical, because I had never heard of it, I brought myself to make an appointment with Ms. Osthold.
Ms. Osthold first of all took a close look at my problem,  then she explained to me in detail what she was going to do - which would apparently be virtually painless. Feeling a little uneasy I agreed to the treatment. Ms. Osthold first cut off the section of the nail that was digging into the nail bed and causing pain and inflammation. Then with a steady hand she skilfully applied the brace and padded out the side of the nail in order to create space. I watched with interest what she was doing and waited for the expected pain. This failed to arrive, however, and I was free of pain for the first time in 15 years.

• When I was away on convalescence for several weeks in that year,
I noticed that the nail of my ring finger was digging into the side of the nail bed. Any pressure on my fingertip caused considerable pain.
So I applied Propolis cream with the aid of a nail file to the painful area and managed to keep things quite well under control. Then the day before I was due to leave hypergranulation started and it was very unpleasant. As I did not have a great deal of time, I fiddled about on my own before finally going to see Ms. Osthold. Her calm manner and gentle touch immediately inspire trust, and you are glad to be treated by her. It was not that easy, but the brace was finally applied - practically with no pain! This time the problem was very stubborn and improvement was only slow. I was worried that I might need to have an operation after all. Ms. Osthold reassured me, however, and was able to continue the treatment in spite of my very sensitive finger. At my 7th appointment the last VHO brace could then be applied. The inflamed area has healed and the nail is now recovering thanks to the miracle brace.
I am full of praise, and can highly recommend the treatment for anyone with similar problems.
Hessdorf, 13.04.11
Christiane Brennenstuhl

In my case it started

 with sudden pain in both big toes. Every step and then even touching the area caused incredible pain.
I have a hereditary tendency to ingrowing toenails. As a child I had already undergone two operations for ingrown toenails. The fact that I had already been operated on twice in the same place shows that operations on ingrown toenails do not help.
Now I was faced with a third operation. After each of the two previous two operations I had had excruciating pain that had taken weeks or months to subside.
Before this third operation, however, I had got to know Ms. Osthold, who treated both of my toenails with a brace. As I had come to Ms.Osthold before the nails had turned septic, she was able to avert sepsis by the use of the brace. The pressure on the toenails had gone completely after her careful and calm treatment, and I was able to walk normally again and wear shoes.
I would like to say a big thank you here to Ms. Osthold for her treatment which spared me a further, third operation. I have had no pain or problems of any kind since then.
I would like to recommend this treatment with the VHO- Osthold brace to everyone.
It prevents lengthy, very painful operations and curbs high costs for sickness insurances.
It would just be nice if all sickness insurances had the bright idea of completely taking over the costs of this excellent treatment.

J.R., Nuremberg

In spite of regular

visits to the Chiropodist my ingrowing toenails became worse and worse.  A doctor recommended me to get permanent relief by having the nail and nail bed removed, although I could not decide at the time.  Then in May 1981 both nail beds became infected.  Neither the medication prescribed by the doctor nor the mechanic aids recommended by the Dermatologist brought any relief.  I went around in great pain.  I could only wear shoes with open toes and tights with the toes cut off in order to avoid the slightest pressure.

A relative who knew of my symptoms and despair gave me Mrs Osthold’s address.  Although I was rather sceptical about this treatment method, which I had not heard of I made an appointment.

Today, 6 months later, I can confirm that the orthonyxie is 100% successful, as I have been free of pain for months.

First of all the nails were elevated by partial braces, so that the nail braces could be fitted on individually.  These brought not only visual but also physical relief.  The nail is now twice as wide, the nail bed has been healed for months and all of this without pain.

Mrs Osthold’s fundamental knowledge is combined with practical skill.  The treatment is carried out with incredible care and patience.

After my positive experience I can confirm that Mrs Osthold has found an outstanding way to treat problematic toenails with orthonyxie.

Unfortunately she is not known well enough, to help those people who are desperately looking for help.

Johanna Brunnacker, Berchtesgaden-Strub

Treatment of my Infected Fingernail

Dear Mrs Osthold

With this letter I would like to thank you very much once again for the successful treatment of my infected fingernail.  Today I can say I am in no pain and only occasionally use a small amount on tincture.  This is all the more amazing for me as I had two operations before your treatment, of which neither were successful and afterwards I was unable to work for several weeks or do my housework.  One operation was a segmental ablation and in the other the whole nail was removed.  You know the surgeon who preformed the procedures and his specialist knowledge is indisputed.  However, the procedures did not bring any improvement.

Finally I would like to thank you very much again and I will gladly recommend you on any relevant occasion.  I would of course be happy to be treated by you again after the success of the treatment.  For now I wish you all the best and good luck and good health in the New Year.

Maria Graf, Neunkirchen

It all started quite harmlessly in May 1996 with a slight prickling in the left big toe.

After a few days the toe became red, swollen and painful.  Camomile baths and anti-inflammatory cream brought no improvement and hypergranulation formed.  I then decided to consult a doctor.  The toe was anaesthetised and a third of the nail removed.

3 – 4 months later the same symptoms started, this time it was also septic.  I did not want to go back to the doctor, so there had to be some other possibility.  I tried a chiropodist.

The nail was cut and padded out to create space.  After 2 – 3 treatments the septic infection had gone and I heard about the VHO brace, which allows the new nail to grow back unobstructed.

I made an appointment and the brace was applied.  Mrs Osthold also taught me how to treat myself so that everything could continue with as few problems and as cheap as possible.

I can highly recommend this painless treatment method to all patients with foot and nail problems.

Karoline Zimmermann, Effeltrich

Case History of Treatment with the VHO Osthold Brace

In February 1995 my left big toe became infected on the left hand side.  The infection became visibly worse as the nail rubbed on the side.  Because of the infection my feet and my whole body became misaligned.  When I wore closed shoes the problems described above became even stronger.

Conservative measures such as cutting out a deep section of the nail were painful and ineffective.  In addition to this hypergranulation started forming.  For this reason I decided in July 1995 to have an operation.  Part of the nail was removed under local anaesthetic.  However, the infection only partially subsided and returned with full vengeance after the stitches were removed.  Also the hypergranulation started forming again.

After repeated visits to the doctor I finally heard of Mrs Osthold’s Orthonyxie Institute a week before my holiday at the end of August.  She kindly saw me despite time being limited before my holiday.

In the first treatment a VHO Osthold brace was applied to the infected toe.  This procedure was painless.  Already after the first treatment the pain situation distinctly improved and I could walk normally. The toe was examined daily and padded out up until my holiday.  The painful infection almost disappeared within a few days.

Due to the treatment I was able to enjoy my holiday without a problem, although for 2 weeks I walked a lot, mainly wearing closed shoes and as such put intensive strain on it.

When a few weeks later my right big toe also became infected, it was treated with the brace and is now symptom free.

Markus Schwechten, Erlangen

When my right big toe started to redden

on the side I was not perturbed as such redness had often come and gone before.  I put anti-inflammatory cream on my toe and waited for several months.  The infection came and went. When the infection did not return for a long time, I thought it was finally over then suddenly the toe became septic and hypergranulation formed.

As it was too painful to walk in closed shoes I went to a Dermatologist.  I knew from my mother, who had already had toenails removed twice for the same reason, how painful and useless the procedure was.  We said this to the Dermatologist and she mentioned the treatment with Mrs Osthold as an alternative.

I could not imagine that it was possible to apply the nail brace to an infected toe without pain, but I was glad that I could “keep” my toenail.

As Mrs Osthold applied the nail brace it became obvious that a lot of hypergranulation had formed because the nail had already grown into the nail bed.  Despite this the treatment, apart from momentary pain when the piece of ingrowing nail was moved, was painless in fact it was pleasant as the pain was removed.  That the pain was only momentary was thanks to Mrs Osthold changing her approach as soon as I felt any discomfort.

After the first treatment I was able to put on my boots and walk without pain for the first time in weeks. 

As a lot of hypergranulation peeled away when the dressing or the padding was removed the momentary pain came again but became less each time until it had disappeared after about a month.

If I had known about Mrs Osthold’s toe treatment when the infection started, I would have been saved a lot of pain.

I will recommend Mrs Osthold’s treatment to anybody who has similar problems with their toes.

S. L., Baiersdorf

FCorrection of the Right Big Toenail

My right big toenail was ingrowing, which had led to infection and pus formation.

Three treatments by the GP and two treatments in the University Clinic, Erlangen were unsuccessful and the toe became septic again and again.

Good friends recommended Mrs Osthold to me.  Mrs Osthold applied a special wire brace to the toe and through this the toe normalised, the infection subsided and the hypergranulation dried out.  After several special treatments with Mrs Osthold my toe is now better again.

I thank Mrs Osthold very much for her efforts and can highly recommend her.  Hopefully many people can be helped by the bloodless, pain free treatment and can be saved from having a painful operation.

Stefan Hirschmann, BaiersdorfCorrection of the Right Big Toenail

My right big toenail was ingrowing, which had led to infection and pus formation.

Three treatments by the GP and two treatments in the University Clinic, Erlangen were unsuccessful and the toe became septic again and again.

Good friends recommended Mrs Osthold to me.  Mrs Osthold applied a special wire brace to the toe and through this the toe normalised, the infection subsided and the hypergranulation dried out.  After several special treatments with Mrs Osthold my toe is now better again.

I thank Mrs Osthold very much for her efforts and can highly recommend her.  Hopefully many people can be helped by the bloodless, pain free treatment and can be saved from having a painful operation.

Stefan Hirschmann, Baiersdorf

Ten years ago I got a fungal infection on my feet from a swimming pool,

which was treated by a doctor and soon cleared up.  Afterwards I noticed how both of my big toenails became discoloured and thickened.  I treated this myself with anti-fungal creams.  It was sometimes better, sometimes worse and eventually so bad that even the weight of the bedclothes hurt and my standing profession became problematic.

Both toes were so badly infected, that I applied alcohol compresses and put my feet in plastic bags so that I could sleep.  The doctor I went to gave me penicillin and referred me to have the nails extracted.  This resulted in pain and being off sick.

The follow-up treatment with the Dermatologist resulted in the new nails growing back soon discolouring, despite medication, and the nails thickened.  The infection in the nail bed also soon returned.  I noticed that the nails became more and more curved.  We were back at the beginning, ie the nails needed to be extracted again.  I did not want this. 

By chance I heard about the Mrs Osthold’s treatment method.  As soon as the nail brace was applied I was free of pain and the infection subsided within days.  Today, 7 months later the nails have straightened and I have no problems.

Evelyn Walz

Dear Mrs Osthold

My wife and I consulted you in the summer of 1998.  You treated the nail bed of my left big toe resulting in an optimal, faultless correction.

I very much hope that you can help many “sufferers”.  It is your duty to pass on the VHO Osthold treatment method.

Once again many thanks for your treatment.

Otto Georg Sponsel, Memmelsdorf

Dear Mrs Osthold

I would like to give you my heartiest thanks for the good treatment of my big toe.
Despite being reassured I would not have held it for possible, that you could have treated me completely painlessly with the incredible pain that an ingrowing toenail and hypergranulation had caused me.
The doctor had suggested removing the nail as the only alternative, which would not only have caused me even more pain, but also several weeks off work.
The examinations alone at the specialist caused me so much pain that I felt sick.
Having experienced the pain and your treatment method, I can recommend you with a clear conscience.
I thank you again and wish you all the best.

Margot Baustian, Nuremberg

The Long Road or Hightech and Camomile baths

About 15 years ago my father received a voucher for a chiropodist treatment for Christmas.  As he did not want to use it, I did.  The chiropodist cut the nails very short and cut off the corners.  Since then I have had problems with both big toes.

I had to go to a chiropodist regularly in order to have the ingrowing corner of the nail ripped out.  After removal of the ingrowing part of the nail the toe needed a week to heal.  I was then pain free for a week but within the next 2 weeks the pain came back as the nail started to dig into the flesh again.  During this time I consulted several Dermatologist and surgeons, who put my problems down to doing too much sport and ballet and continued to send me to the chiropodist.  Due to ripping out the edges of the nails my toes continually had small wounds, which led to hypergranulation forming.  When taking a bath or swimming the edges of the nail looked like cauliflowers, which I was embarrassed by and tried to hide.

I was recommended to a surgeon in 1992, who would cure my toe problem.  He removed the nail fold  and part of the nail bed of one toe after the other.  After each operation I could only hop on the other leg and had to hold the affected foot under my arm. (Ballet training was very good for this, how do other people cope).  I was unable to wear closed shoes and was in pain standing at work.  When the operation wounds had healed the whole thing started over again.

The ends of the nail grew in, the chiropodist removed them.  Can my children or students understand that the mother or teacher cries or is numb from the pain for 10 minutes if somebody stood on her foot by mistake?  No, it could not continue like this.

In February 1997 I went to a well known surgeon in Nuremberg.  After the first examination he wanted to treat my toenails.  First of all I was to let them grow.  3 weeks passed.  I was in pain.  Visited the surgeon.  His comment “ carry on and soak in camomile”.  After 6 weeks the edges of the left big toenail got infected.  Visited the doctor “carry on and soak in camomile”

After further painful weeks he wanted to put on a Link nail splint.  This was supposed to stop the nail ingrowing and pushes out over the silicon plate.  Before the procedure I was told that I would be able to walk normally afterwards.  On the day of the operation I had the unpleasant injection to anaesthetise the left big toe.  At the first incision it was found that the nail was on a bed of pus.  Despite this the surgeon applied the silicone splint.  This was sewn on to the tip of the toe.  After this a large bandage, OT shoe.  I stood there dazed and helpless on the street with a shoe and 3 painkillers in my hand.  The rest of the day was an ordeal.  As soon as the injection wore off I was in incredible pain.  However 2 children had to be looked after.  The next day I was still in incredible pain.  Went to the doctor.  The dressing was in the meantime caked with dry blood and had to be soaked to be removed.  For the next 14 days I was unable to wear closed shoes despite the icy cold weather and in addition to this had to apply wet compresses to suppress the resulting infection.  At the next doctor’s visit he came in one door looked at the foot and went out of the other.  Not a word of sympathy, advice or assurance.  2 weeks later he removed the left splint because the infection was getting so bad and left me in hope that the nail would now continue to grow freely.  I was supposed to put up with the pain from the right big toe of which the nail was now also completely ingrown.

In complete despair with 2 painful big toes, I heard of Mrs Osthold through the Erlangen Policlinic.  Should I dare?  On the advice of doctors there I phoned her.  She told me to come the same day (Friday). However, I at least wanted to wait until Monday.  I didn’t trust anybody anymore.  What else did they want to do?  There was nothing to do on the freshly operated on left nail at that moment I thought.  But the right one?  Something had to be done.  Scared I drove to Mrs Osthold.

The pain in the right big toe was completely removed with the VHO Osthold brace.  An artificial nail was put on top of the brace.  Was that it?  I hadn’t felt any pain during the treatment and Mrs Osthold worked very gently and calmly.

However, now Mrs Osthold wanted to see the left big toe.  I really didn’t want to show it to her.  But she was so adamant I removed the dressing.  She said the nail had a fungal infection and was rotting and cut it away.  I was paralysed with fear – words failed me.  Could a doctor have discharged me 3 days earlier thinking everything was OK?  Who can you trust.  Sad, I went home.  My husband had to remove the dressing on the left toe the next day – without a nail, which Mrs Osthold had applied, because I couldn’t bear to look at it.

For the first time in 15 years I had absolutely no pain in both toes and wanted to ask everybody to jump on my feet!

Nine weeks later the left big toenail had grown back half way.  The right toenail is causing no pain and there is no more hypergranulation.

If I have any questions or problems Mrs Osthold returns my messages as soon as she hears them on her answering machine.  I now feel safe with her and trust her.  I always feel understood.  I now hope that this pain free period brings a lasting cure and that I can also cope without a VHO brace.

Elisabeth Doll, Nuremberg

Case History or Unnecessary Suffering

The whole thing started quite harmlessly in October 1994.

On cutting my right big toenail it tore on the outside edge.  A few days later I felt something sticking in and slight inflammation.  After treating it with Rivasol solution both symptoms disappeared.  After 2 days the right side became septic.

Now the suffering began. After being treated for one week by the GP, a substitute doctor and at the weekend by the doctor on call, there was a dramatic deterioration.  After the pus sacs had been lanced several times the only way for it heal was, according to the doctor, to remove the toenail.

Next act:  Surgeon – Everything went incredibly quickly.  Two very painful injections into the toe (5 seconds).  10  minutes later the nail was extracted (5 seconds).  Sewn up.  I had a night of hell after the anaesthetic had worn off and the painkillers only worked slightly.  Pain, pain, pain.  The cherry on the cake was the removal of the sticky bandage by the surgeon.

6 months later the whole thing started all over again.  The nail dug into the flesh.  Went to GP.  With the instruction “use the antibiotic cream and come back in a week” I was discharged.  GP:  “The nail and the nail bed must be removed”. 2 chiropodists then cut the toenail and reduced the in the meantime severe infection.

Then I consulted Mrs Osthold.  The infection disappeared within 3 days after the nail brace was applied.  In addition to this the treatment was pain free.

I can walk quite normally with the brace and I am sure that I won’t lose the toenail.

Kurt Winkler, Rosstal

Dear Mrs Osthold

I am pleased to inform you that your treatment of my ingrowing big toe nail was a complete success.  I am particularly pleased that the problem I have suffered with for decades was solved with only 2 appointments, and in addition to this was carried out completely painlessly.

I would also like to add that several chiropodists despite intensive treatment (amongst others nail brace and 24 fungal treatments) could not cure the problem.

Fritz Schuhmann, Nuremberg

Dear Mrs Osthold

First of all I would like to congratulate you on inventing and developing your “nail brace”.

Approximately 6 months ago my right big toe began to be infected due to an ingrowing toenail.  Various doctors recommended soaking the foot creams and regularly cutting back the nail, ie removing the ingrowing splinter to relieve the condition.

The infection improved after removing the splinter but it was only temporary relief.  As I was trying to get used to this I consulted an Orthopaedic surgeon, who recommend a segmental ablation including the root.  As I was going on holiday in 10 days I arranged an appointment after my return.

During a consultation for a hernia operation in the University Clinic, Erlangen, Dr Schneider recommended I try being treated at your institute first of all.

This took place a week ago and the result has been outstanding.  I could already walk without pain within a few hours and I could not feel the brace being applied.  I can highly recommend this development, which is sensational for me, for those who have nail problems.  A treatment has been developed which is not only patient friendly but also cheap.  Alternative medicine for the good of the patient.

Finally I wish you, Mrs Osthold, much success in distributing this treatment method and established doctors the far-sightedness to support this work, in order to give many people the possibility, to cure these problems gently and without pain.

Günther Preissler, Nuremberg

Towards the end of 1984 my left big toenail was ingrowing.

I went to my GP about it.  He cut away the sections of nail that were digging in without anaesthetic.  This was extremely painful.  When the nail grew back it started all over again.  I put up with this procedure about ten times then I changed the GP.
So I went to a surgeon.  He removed half of the nail under anaesthetic.  But the same happened when the nail grew back.  Dr Stumpf decided at once, that we could not carry on like this – two years had now passed.  The wound was chronically infected.

Dr Stumpf then sent me to Mrs Osthold in Erlangen.  I could already see and feel an improvement after the first treatment.  The infection and hypergranulation also subsided.  Today the nail is almost growing normally.

Wolfgang Gries, Nürnberg

Treatment of my infected nail by Mrs Elvira Osthold

IIn the summer of 1981 a doctor surgically removed my right big toenail because it was deformed (rolled).  This procedure was of course very painful and when I asked the doctor if the nail would now no longer dig into the flesh I was told it is possible to remove the nail bed so that the toe would be without a nail, but he could not guarantee that the nail would not re-grow deformed.  I was afraid of the next operation.  It would have been the third.

Then I became Mrs Osthold’s address.

Mrs Osthold corrected the new nail such that I have been pain free to this point and have a healthy new toenail.  Mrs Osthold also corrected the big toenail on the other foot at the same time and saved me from a painful affliction.

The doctor who brought the orthonyxie treatment to my attention said I could do try the treatment but as the treatment is still experimental and due to the instruments used I could get an infection.  Of course this did not happen because Mrs Osthold carries out the treatment:

Very competently and safely

In a sterile and clean manner

In a gentle and trustworthy fashion

I wish Mrs Osthold all the best in her practice.

Elisabeth Lasser, Nuremberg

After running around for over one year with initially one then two inflamed big toes,

I decided in mid October 1992 to get to my Father’s Dermatologist in the Nuremberg Skin Clinic and have them examined.

The doctor looked at the toes with a magnifying glass before he tried.  Then I hoped for the promised healing of the toes.  At home I had to soak my feet in soapy water, then massage the sides of the toes and then – in incredible pain – try to lift the sides of the nail.  One month and 2 – 3 painful examinations later there was no improvement. 

I then asked the doctor to operate (12.11.92), ie to perform a segmental ablation under local anaesthetic to shorten the stay in hospital.  The appointment was for the next day 13.11.92 and I stayed in hospital from 13.11.-16.11.92.

On the Monday I was discharged at my own request.  I was given medical leave for one week.

My GP checked the toes for infection during this week.  The stitches were removed after approximately 1 week.

According to the doctor who performed the surgery this would be the end of my suffering.  However, shortly afterwards 10.12.92 I had to have a further operation again performed by the same doctor on the left big toe (as an out-patient), which had not been so badly infected as “it” was starting again.

As we were going to Thailand on holiday at the end of December 92, I consulted the doctor 2 –3 days before we left to ensure that nothing could happen.

However, we had hardly arrived in Thailand and everything began again, this time the other big toe.  I took antibiotics and after I swam in the sea (I had to wear socks) I had to change socks, massage the foot apply iodine and put on a dressing.  The holiday was ruined because of the pain and fear.  On my return home I refused to go to the same doctor. He was not going to cause me any more pain.

On the advice of a friend of my mother’s I went to my old paediatrician in Erlangen.  She said I was not the only case and told me about Mrs Osthold’s Orthonyxie Institute, which specialised in helping problem cases like mine without operating and pain.

The same day I went to Mrs Osthold.  Initially I was treated weekly and made improvement after the first brace was applied.  As we are stallholders, I was unable to go to Mrs Osthold every 2-3 days as was necessary, however I came every week or second week.  Because of this my healing process took longer but after 1½ years I was finally pain free and had no recurring problems thanks to Mrs Osthold.  As such I think the AOK should fully support this treatment method for patients who have also had the painful treatment option done, as a cure is guaranteed.

Jennifer Kalb, Wilhermsdorf

Correction of the left big toenail

After cutting the toenails and wearing too narrow shoes both sides of my left big toe became inflamed.

In March 1995 I consulted a surgeon and was operated on immediately.  I wore sandals for weeks afterwards, because I could not get into any shoes without pain.

The follow-up treatment by the surgeon only brought slight improvement, the swelling remained, and it became septic again.

A work colleague recommended Frau Osthold to me.

Because of the advanced sepsis the treatment required 8 sessions and 3 braces.  I was able to wear normal shoes again after a couple of sessions, which were always pain free and the brace did not bother me at all.

Now at the end of the treatment it becomes clear that it would have saved the health insurance a lot of money and me infinite discomfort and pain if the brace had been applied in the first place.

I personally recommend Mrs Osthold and her Orthonyxie treatment method.

Hans-Joachim Hain, Erlangen

Case History of my Ingrowing Toenail

Towards the end of last year my left big toe began to hurt and became very red.  I visited my GP who gave me an injection and cut away the nail on the sore side.

A few days later the same happened with my right big toe.  Again I had an injection and the GP cut away the nail on the sore side.

Shortly afterwards hypergranulation developed on the left big toe.  It was very painful to walk and this resulted in me going to a surgeon at the hospital on Christmas Eve.  I was told I would have to wait 2½ hours and that I should just soak the foot and the pain would disappear.  However, this was not the case and I had a lot of pain walking the whole of the Christmas holidays.

After the holidays I went straight back to my GP as in the meantime my right toenail was ingrowing again and she sent me to an A & E doctor.  The doctor put dressings on my toes and told me to continue soaking them.  This carried on for 3 months without any improvement and each time with 3 hours waiting time.

In April I went to an Orthopaedist for something else and he noticed my toes.  Horrified he sent me to Mrs Osthold and explained that she would apply a brace and that it would be absolutely pain free.

The same evening I went to Mrs Osthold.  She applied the VHO brace and as promised without pain.  After the treatment I was able to walk without pain for the first time in 6 months.  Within 2 days the hypergranulation started to subside.

In the meantime I have my second brace.  If I had been sent to Mrs Osthold earlier I would not have had to suffer 6 months of pain or spent hours in waiting rooms.   I can highly recommend Mrs Osthold and her treatment method.

Benjamin Weiss, Buckenhof

From one who moved out to learn fear and learnt it at the doctors

It was a long journey to the VHO brace.

In 1985 both of my big toenails changed colour.  My GP at the time and a consulting Dermatologist said this was not a problem, you could carry it to your grave, many people had it.  During a 2½ year stay in Africa my left big toe became infected.  After many foot baths and other treatments, a German doctor removed the nail.  The operation was very quick and after 2 injections it was all over.  However, when they wore off I was in incredible pain during the night.  Consequently I could not walk or drive for 2 weeks.

The nail grew back unevenly and curved up with a split.  2 years later the nail became infected again and the GP removed it.  As he did not wait until the anaesthetic was working, the operation was a torture.  The doctor just said I shouldn’t be so squeamish.  The following procedure was the same as before.  The dressing was stuck to the wound and I had to remove it myself under great pain.  The doctor advised me to rub an anti-fungal cream into the nail bed until the nail had re-grown.  I changed my GP.

The new nail grew with a split like the old one.  A chiropodist tried to smooth it out.  One year later the other toenail became infected.  After months of footbaths and cream dressings the nail fell off.  I also took anti-fungal tablets, which caused problems with my liver, which I had never had problems with before.

As the new nail grew, it broke due to my carelessness and could not grow any further.  The chiropodist was helpless.  Due to the infection and the fungal infection I was given ozone treatment by a Homeopath, which was quite effective.  The infection receded.

Feeling reassured I went on holiday, but the infection returned and I could hardly walk.  A friend who is an Acupuncturist treated me with a ray lamp and advised me to apply aloe onto the wound.  It improved slightly but I had to move around in taxis for the rest of the holiday.

Back at home the infection became worse and the nail dug more and more into the hypergranulation.  My GP referred me to a Dermatologist again.  There, 2 different doctors tried various treatments on me.  They tried to corrode away the hypergranulation with silver nitrate.  The pain became worse and worse.  I was too scared to have the nail removed.

One day – in the meantime it was November 1995 – I woke up and my whole toe was badly swollen.  The GP sent me to a surgeon, who removed the nail 2 days later.  The pain was bearable this time and my husband held my hand whilst the operation was done.  I didn’t care if the staff laughed at me.  I walked, ie limped, home to the amusement of the doctors.  I was not given and dressing material or medication as it was the end of the year and the surgeon had used his annual allowance already.  Again I had to remove the dressing, which was stuck to the nail bed, which was no more pleasant knowing what would happen.  I limped around again for 2 weeks, which caused my spine to misalign.  The Homeopath who was also trained in chiropractic realigned my spine.

At the beginning of 1996 the same old problems started again as the new nail grew.  The nail bed became infected once again.  A new GP advised me to go to a Chiropodist, because they generally know more about this than a GP.  It is seldom that a doctor admits they don’t know something.  A friend gave me a contact.  4 different people from the same chiropractic salon treated the toe on a weekly basis and with the help of alcohol I’m pain free for several weeks.

Mid October 1996 I visited my mother in B.  I had actually planned to go to Strasbourg with her for a few days, but suddenly my toe became infected again – I could hardly walk.  A chemist helped me through the weekend with an anti-inflammatory cream.  I then went to a chiropodist in B.  There I heard about a nail brace for the first time.  I was given an address in Munich.  There I was told about Mrs Osthold in Erlangen – quite nearby – who had developed a nail brace to treat such problems.  I quickly became an appointment.

Mrs Osthold carefully applied the brace, this happened without incurring pain and she understood my fear.

In the meantime I have been treated by her several times, am pain free and can walk and swim without any problems.  Mrs Osthold also corrected the split nail on the other foot.  I can now put the padding around the nail myself  so I only have to go to Erlangen for occasional check-ups.  The nail is nearly normal, and I’m quite optimistic that I will have no further problems after a while.

My GP and Homeopath were impressed with what I told them.  I thank Mrs Osthold for her help.

Unfortunately the health insurance only pays 45% of the treatment.  However this is not about money – the whole treatment with Mrs Osthold only costs a fraction of what an operation costs – it is about the principal, that things that are not so well known are not paid for or only partially reimbursed.

Most of all I am cross about the previous chiropodist.  As I happily told her about the brace she said she knew about that and could do it herself in 6 months.  I will never understand why she didn’t tell me about it earlier.  There is obviously so much competition that some would rather let their patients suffer in pain.

Lili Schroeder, Kalchreuth

Case History of Treatment with the Nail Brace

I first noticed the problem in the summer of 1983, which proved to be very unpleasant and painful.  I had an ingrowing toenail on my right foot, which due to extreme inflammation in the corners of the nail made walking and my life difficult.

A subsequent consultation with a Dermatologist, which appeared to be the only solution at the time, proved to be of no use I can now say.  After unsuccessfully treating the problem with cream he advised me in June 1984 to have a segmental ablation down to the bottom of the nail on the left hand side.  I agreed to this not knowing of any alternative.

The nail fold was cut away in an extremely painful procedure and as a result I was laid up for 3 days and unable to wear closed shoes for 4 weeks.  Soon afterwards it became necessary to perform a segmental ablation on the right hand side of the nail as well because it became strongly infected during the convalescence period probably due to the compression bandage.  Unwillingly I agreed to the second operation with similar results as above.

At the end of 1984 the left big toe showed signs of inflammation and I feared the worst.  The same thing again!

On the recommendation of friends I went to Mrs Elvira Osthold, certified Orthonyxist, whose treatment method was described as promising, successful and pain free.

Now that I have been a satisfied patient of Mrs Osthold for 3 years, I can only confirm this description.  Using the brace she not only healed the left big toe without pain, but achieved the same on the right foot, which due to an improper surgical procedure (the left segment of the nail was not completely removed and a nail splinter grew in the scar tissue) the same situation as described previously reoccurred.  With the help of Mrs Osthold and her brace and I am now pain free and can highly recommend both.

Christian Krause, Erlangen

Since 1958 I have always had problems with my ingrowing right big toenail.

It did not improve although I regularly saw a chiropodist.

The nail was then removed (pain) by a Dermatologist in 1977 and I was off sick for 14 days.  A year later the same had to be done again.

From this point on Mrs Osthold handled the matter.  Applying a brace, which was successful and painless, treated it.

1980, the same problem, left big toenail rolled over which was also successfully treated with the nail brace.

Today I am not in pain due to the skilful treatment by Mrs Osthold and I give her my thanks.

The health insurance partially reimbursed the costs, but it is incomprehensible why this treatment is not supported more.

Rudolf Schmitt

Dear Dr Kuhr

With regard to my ingrowing big toenail, I recently visited the Mrs Osthold’s Orthonyxie Institute and arranged an appointment.

The procedure with the VHO Osthold brace was convincing and I let my toenail be treated straight away.  After the treatment it was as if the pain had been blown away and I was able to walk in closed shoes without pressure pain.

I enclose information about this treatment method for your information.

Paul Blüschke, Erlangen

Medical report for my daughter Nicole (5 years) 09/02 – 07/93

In April Nicole’s left big toe started discharging pus for no apparent reason.

We went to 5 different doctors in 3 months (GP, Paediatrician, Dermatologist).  Each doctor tried to heal the toe with different medication and treatment.  We had to soak the toe 3 times daily, apply bandages with antibiotic cream or cortisone.  We tried many things and nothing helped.  Nicole was in a lot of pain, often missed Kindergarten and could not play properly.  The doctors prescribed rest and damp compresses.

As nothing helped they removed a side of the nail without anaesthetic.  As it still did not heal she was to be admitted to the surgical clinic in Erlangen to have the nail removed under general anaesthetic.  The operation was then cancelled as the infection improved suddenly.  We then went on holiday in July, but neither the seawater nor the chlorinated pool water helped it to heal.

When we got home Nicole broke her left foot.  We showed the surgeon Dr Alfons Wolf the infected toe and he gave us the address of Mrs Osthold.

We got an appointment the same day in spite of her foot being in plaster.  She applied a brace on to the toe (which Mrs Osthold had invented herself a few years before).  In the meantime Nicole has the fifth VHO brace and the toe is almost healed.  We only need a few more visits to Mrs Osthold and then the treatment is finished.  The hypergranulation, which has been there for 5 months is, as said by Mrs Osthhold, wearing away, and the infection is subsiding.

Looking back we can say that the toe improved from visit to visit as Mrs Osthold fought to heal the toe.  She handled Nicole with patience and sensitivity that has to be seen.  The treatment is pain free and Nicole was allowed to walk, play and jump as she wished from the first day onwards.

Today all we can say is thank goodness Nicole broke her foot otherwise we would never have got Mrs Osthold’s address.

To conclude we would like to wish Mrs Osthold all the best and much success in her fight for recognition and application of her VHO brace.

Beate Egelseer

Case History of my Ingrowing toenail

In May my right big toe started to hurt and became swollen and red.

After approximately 10 days I went to a Dermatologist, who told me I had an ingrowing toenail.  He removed half of the toenail without anaesthetic causing me great pain.  Initially the infection subsided but then it became worse.

I went to a different Dermatologist.  He treated my toe with liquid nitrogen for several weeks but it showed little improvement.

By chance I got Mrs. Ostholds address, a certified Orthonyxist.  I immediately got an appointment and Mrs Osthold examined my wound.  She applied a VHO brace to my nail.  This lifted my toenail and enabled the hypergranulation to dry out.  I had to put some cotton wool in between the nail and the hypergranulation and visit Mrs Osthold every few days.

The treatment with Mrs Osthold is completely pain free.  I now have the second VHO brace and the toe is almost healed.  I only need a few more treatments with Mrs Osthold and the treatment is complete.

Through this positive experience I can confirm that Mrs Osthold has found an excellent way of treating infected toes.

Christian Zink, 15 years Nuremberg

When I noticed that both of my big toenails were ingrowing a few months ago,
I was scared to go to the doctor.  I tried soaking the feet but this brought no relief.  Hypergranulation developed on both sides, which dampened the pain.

However, as there was no real improvement I reluctantly went to my GP.  She told me about the VHO brace.  She assured me that this treatment was pain free, as she had been treated herself for an ingrowing toenail with the device.

I got an appointment the same day.  After that everything went very quickly.  During the treatment there was only the odd moment of pain.  Mrs Osthold then continued the treatment in a different place and we continued without pain.  I’m still being treated at the moment, but my toes are doing well and I recommend everybody with this problem to go to Mrs Osthold.

My thanks go to Mrs Osthold and I wish her much success with her work.

Andrea Walz, Hirschaid

My Experience with the VHO Brace

The road to the VHO Osthold brace was a long one.  I had problems and pain in my right big toe for over a year.  Several doctors examined the infected toe and I made two appointments for operations, which I subsequently cancelled, because I never gave up the hope of finding a non-surgical cure.  I was sure there must be an alternative method.  I didn’t know what until I was given a copy of an article about VHO three days before the second operation date.

From this day on everything went very quickly.  Three days later I had the VHO brace applied and I was pain free.  I was also particularly pleased that I was to be included in a study comparing surgery to the brace treatment.

I wish everybody involved in this work much success and that the VHO brace is recognised in the treatment of ingrowing and infected toenails.

Tanja Langer, Erlangen

In June 1980 I stubbed my left big toe for the first time.

 It became inflamed and painful.  I regularly bathed the toe in camomile and applied Penaten cream and powder, changing the dressing 1 – 2 times per day.  In August 1980 the inflammation died down and disappeared completely during a holiday due to the seawater.

In November 1980 I ran into a table tennis table and the left corner of the big toenail broke off.  When the new nail grew it dug into the flesh and the corner became infected and hypergranulation developed.  The pain became so bad in March 1981 that I went to a doctor who said it needed an operation, which was carried out.

During a holiday in August 1981 I noticed the toenail, which was already re-growing was digging in to the same place and a new infection and hypergranulation was developing.  On my return I went straight to the doctor and he operated again.  I went back a month later for a check up but the toe showed no signs of improvement.

After a further 2 weeks he gave me the address of the Orthonyxist Elvira Osthold, who found both of my big toenails were ingrowing on both sides.  Mrs Osthold elevated both of my big toe nails with braces out of the infected flesh, so that I could at last walk pain free and I have not had any further problems since then.

Anja Höllring, Nürnberg

I am diabetic and take 3 tablets of Euglucon N per day.  My blood sugar level is on average 170, urine sugar 0. 

At the beginning of March 1986 I visited a chiropodist and 2 – 3 days later I developed bad pain in some of my toes, in particular the right big toe.  I immediately went back to the chiropodist and requested some painkillers.  Unfortunately they could not give me anything and so recommended I went to my GP.  I went to my GP who referred me to a specialist. 

Despite going through 3 weeks of treatment, which was very painful, there was no improvement either in the toes or the pain.  I then heard about Elvira Osthold’s Orthonyxie Institute in Erlangen and an acquaintance made an appointment for me.

Mrs Osthold saw me the same day at 7.00pm.  The treatment lasted 2 hours.  Although I had suffered incredible pain until then, the treatment carried out by Mrs Osthold was pain free.  I was very frightened of the treatment.  Although Mrs Osthold applied a brace on to my right big toe, I didn’t feel any pain.  I was the happiest person in the world.

Initially I had to go for treatment once a week and each session was pain free.  As time went on Mrs Osthold also started treating toes on my left foot and this was also pain free.

Today my feet are almost completely healed and I can wear closed shoes again.  I cannot thank Mrs Osthold enough and recommend her to everybody suffering from similar complaints.

Alois Otzipka, Bamberg

I have had ingrowing big toenails on both feet for 3 years.
I was unable to wear any tight shoes and every touch was very painful.

When I went to the GP he explained that the nails must be removed.  But as I did not wish to do this I went to a recommended Chiropodist.  But neither she nor a further Chiropodist could help me.

So I went to another GP and his solution was the same – remove both nails.  As I had heard in the meantime from fellow sufferers that the nails still grow back in the same way and cause pain I again decided not to have it done.

Then I heard of Mrs Osthold from a friend.  Although it was shortly before Christmas I got an appointment.  On the first visit Mrs Osthold explained the procedure and made a plaster impression.  3 days later the brace was applied on the right big toe.  As the left was very infected Mrs Osthold had to apply a brace. But at first I had to go to Mrs Osthold every 2 –3 days and she even saw me at Christmas.  On 27.12.87 the brace could be applied to the left big toe.

Since I visited Mrs Osthold I felt much happier as this method is completely painless and provided relief already on the first visit.  Since then I have had no more pain and she enabled me to be able to go skiing in January.

Thank you Mrs Osthold for your help so far and in the future.  I can only hope that this treatment method is now recognised and that fellow sufferers can be helped in the same way.

With thanks

Christine Schaub, Grossenseebach