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What is VHO?

For more than 20 years the VHO-OSTHOLD method has been quietly and consistently successful in the treatment of unguis incarnatus - ingrown nails.

VHO=Virtuoso Human Orthonyxie. This means: overcoming the tendency of the big toe nail to grow into inflamed tissue by using an even stronger resistance (the VHO-Osthold Brace® Perfect), lifting the nail, padding it out and creating space for the healing process to begin. Skilful, humane (painless) and corrective!

The term orthonyxie was introduced by Ross Fraser, the Scottish dental technician from Dundee, for the correction of ingrown toenails by means of steel braces which he produced using an impression and a plaster cast.  Here he used the two Greek words "orthos" (meaning straight or correct) and "onyx" (nail). That was in 1964.

The question: "The treatment of unguis incarnatus using the VHO-Osthold Brace® Perfect - an alternative to Emmert plasty?" has been answered positively by scientific studies and a thesis on the subject!

Functional principle

The study was carried out by J÷rg Harrer together with Prov. Doz. Dr Ignaz Schneider (Erlangen / Nuremberg University) in collaboration with the Institute for Orthonyxie (Elvira Osthold).

NB: Various sickness insurances in Germany reimburse costs for treatment fully or in part - please speak to the relevant contact person before beginning treatment.