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"VHO-Osthold-Brace® Perfect" – the Original

Walking with an ingrown toe nail is painful. Many treatments such as invasive surgical interventions or laser treatment are also very painful and the healing process often takes several weeks. Application of the "VHO-Osthold-Brace® Perfect" allows virtually painless treatment of the ingrown toenail without surgical intervention. Life is too precious for unnecessary pain.


The well-recognized original "VHO-Osthold-Brace® Perfect", is applied in orthonyxia for the gentle treatment of the ingrown toenail by lifting it out of the painful adhesion. Since an invasive intervention is not required, orthonyxia can also be used for patients with diabetes, cases of severe hypergranulation and slow-healing wound areas. Many health insurance companies take over the cost of the treatment.

With competency and many years of experience we support the well-being of the patients. The functional three piece design of the "VHO-Osthold-Brace® Perfect" puts experienced podiatrists and chiropodists in a position to adapt the brace to the ingrown toenail as required for the individual patient concerned. The features of the VHO method using the original "VHO-Osthold-Brace® Perfect" are its practicality and highest standards in product quality as well as its user friendliness. It was developed to meet the requirements of patients and users. Without invasive intervention the original Osthold Brace supports the quick healing process in connection with correction of the nail while being gentle to the foot. 

Numerous successful treatments, a thesis from the University Hospital Erlangen and a myriad of highly satisfied chiropodists, podiatrists, doctors and patients support this gentle, non-surgical VHO technique. Many doctors firmly believe that the way the original"VHO-Osthold-Brace® functions is perfectly suited for the required treatment and refer patients with ingrown toenails directly to an Osthold certified podiatrist and chiropodist.

"VHO-Osthold-Braces® Perfect" for Practical Users
As podiatrist, chiropodist and Osthold Brace user you will be able to gently treat your patient’s ingrown toenail. Be one of the best chiropody/podiatry practices for the treatment of ingrown toenails. How to become a user? By attending one of our VHO seminars. At the seminars you can qualify for the MECOTRADE nail correction method. Discover the advantages of this orthonyxia technique and the practical, functional original"VHO-Osthold-Brace® Perfect".



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Here you see how an
Osthold brace ©  perfect is applied after preparation and how it lifts both sides of the nail.